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Becoming a thought leader in the B2B manufacturing space is an important part of the overall process of converting leads into sales. One of the best ways to do this is by publishing new blogs on your site every month and having a solid plan of how to promote this content. Getting your blogs in front potential customers requires strategy and time.

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How Blogging Helps Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Blogs that are well-written and full of valuable information are an important part of an effective digital campaign. Blogs are great for: 

  • Posts for LinkedIn and social media
  • Content for email newsletter campaigns
  • Information for the sales team to share with prospects
  • SEO rankings and overall organic traffic
  • Building your company as an industry thought leader and authority

Valuable Blog Content That Accurately Reflects Your Services

Blogging is likely at the bottom of the list of things your team has time for. By working with us, we take the weight of this daunting task off your shoulders. Here is what you get with our blogging services and our full digital marketing program:

How Our Blog Services Are Different

Our team is highly experienced in writing for B2B manufacturing and industrial companies. We do the research needed to create technical content that communicates effectively to your potential customers.
  1. Relevant Content For Your Services

    Our blog posts are usually around 750 words on average, but they can be less or more, depending on what we’re writing about. We typically write informational blogs, more in-depth guides, or case study type project spotlights.

  2. We Work With You To Create An Editorial Calendar

    Our team will work with you to develop current and relevant topics for your blog posts. Then we outline the key points we want to hit in the article before writing. This part of the process is key to producing a rock-solid piece of content.

  3. A Blend of Human and A.I. Writing

    Once the content outline is final, we feed it into our premium A.I. tool to have the basis of the blog written. We read the first draft and continue working with the tool to produce a high-quality blog that we’re happy with and that communicates your company well. Once the draft is final, our team then edits and proofreads the content.

  4. SEO Optimized Before Publishing

    Before the blog is published on your site, we optimize the post with keywords that are relevant to the topic and your company. Content that is well-written and optimized has the best chance of showing up in organic search results. We have a strong track record of getting our blogs ranked high.

Our Client’s Wins

  • Forever Custom Iron Doors Gets 10x More Leads

    Forever Custom Iron Doors was purchased by a new owner with zero digital marketing experience. They plugged into our team & strategy and form submissions and phone calls increased 10-fold.

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  • ProEx Gets a 45% Growth in Organic Keyword Rankings

    ProEx’s organic rankings have increased 45% year over year, March of 2023 vs. March 2024. They were ranking for 157 keywords in March of 2023 vs. 229 keywords in March of 2024.

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  • Temp-Pro’s Website See’s A 178% Increase In Organic Traffic Year Over Year

    Over the last month Temp-Pro’s year over year organic traffic has more than doubled, going from 995 clicks last year to 2770 clicks over the same period this year.

    temp pro
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    Want To Learn More About Our Blogging Process?

    Let’s schedule a time to chat about your business and see if we can be a good partner for your marketing efforts. There’s no pressure to work with us…we just want a chance to answer your questions.
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