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It is estimated that a buyer needs an average of 8 touchpoints before purchasing a product or going with a service. Of course, that is just an estimate, but the point remains…you need to be in front of your potential customer continually. This is an effective strategy for all industries, including B2B manufacturing.

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Why Send Out Email Newsletters

Writing and sending out effective email newsletters are a great way to increase your visibility and establish your authority on a subject. Newsletters are also great for:

  • Promoting recent blog content.
  • Promoting company news such as tradeshows you’re exhibiting at.
  • Nurturing leads and keeping existing customers engaged.
  • Increasing website traffic.

Done For You Email Newsletters

We know that there are some big hurdles you have to overcome in order to send out email newsletters. That’s why we put together a done-for-you system so you don’t have to think about it. Here’s what you get with our newsletter service:

How Our Newsletter Services Are Different

You’ve probably been told that you need to put processes in place to engage with target buyers and contacts, but there is no one on your team with the skills or time to do so. That’s where we come in. Here is how our newsletter services are different from other agencies.
  1. We Put Together All The Pieces Of The Puzzle

    Newsletters are a great companion for a company that is blogging, doing social media, and running ads. When you work with us, we handle all of the pieces that go into creating a successful newsletter, so you don’t have to.

  2. Provide You With Actionable Data

    We will put tracking in place so that you can see how many opens and clicks your newsletters receive. This helps us determine your audience's interest. We can also provide your sales team with WHO opened the emails so they can prioritize their follow-ups.

  3. We Map Out Your Newsletter Campaigns

    Our team will create newsletters that are relevant and interesting to your target customer. The newsletters we put together can feature your latest blogs, company news, industry news, and other information that will generate interest.

  4. Pivot The Campaigns As Needed

    We’re not a set it and forget it kind of company. Our team regularly looks at the stats on your campaigns and makes tweaks as needed to increase engagement. Also, when you develop new products or services, we can adjust our content to help with your launch.

Our Client's Wins

  • Forever Custom Iron Doors Gets 10x More Leads

    Forever Custom Iron Doors was purchased by a new owner with zero digital marketing experience. They plugged into our team & strategy and form submissions and phone calls increased 10-fold.

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  • ProEx Gets a 45% Growth in Organic Keyword Rankings

    ProEx’s organic rankings have increased 45% year over year, March of 2023 vs. March 2024. They were ranking for 157 keywords in March of 2023 vs. 229 keywords in March of 2024.

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  • Temp-Pro’s Website See’s A 178% Increase In Organic Traffic Year Over Year

    Over the last month Temp-Pro’s year over year organic traffic has more than doubled, going from 995 clicks last year to 2770 clicks over the same period this year.

    temp pro
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    Want to know more about our email newsletters? Here are some of the most common questions we get regarding our service.