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LinkedIn marketing allows you to make connections, improve brand awareness, generate leads, and more. We utilize LinkedIn as part of our marketing services for B2B manufacturing and industrial businesses. Our strategy is geared around promoting your products, services, industry news, and more.

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Your Target Audience is on LinkedIn

Leveraging LinkedIn’s platforms is valuable to a well-rounded digital marketing strategy. Here are the top reasons LinkedIn can help you in the B2B manufacturing space:

  • Generate interested LinkedIn followers
  • Increase website visits from LinkedIn
  • Become more visible to your potential customers
  • Send more traffic to your blog posts and website

How LinkedIn Marketing Helps Your Business

LinkedIn is a piece of the marketing puzzle. Your target audience is likely on LinkedIn, so we use the platform as another touchpoint. Here is what we do for this service for our B2B manufacturing and industrial clients:

What Makes Our LinkedIn Marketing Different

Many marketing agencies offer this service, but what makes us different is that we provide an all-inclusive service. We do more than just handle your LinkedIn presence. We create the content for the posts, run ads to build your audience, and take the overall management off your plate.
  1. Create a Sales Engine That’s Always Running

    LinkedIn is part of our overall digital marketing strategy. For example, we write and publish a blog on your site and then promote it on LinkedIn. Someone clicks on it from LinkedIn, and then they can be remarketed to with banner ads through our Google Ads campaign.

  2. Provide Your Sales Team With Content To Share

    We encourage the sales team of our clients to share the LinkedIn posts we publish to maximize the reach and results. Having the sales team share the content also shows how committed they are to the company's messaging.

  3. Target Potential Buyers

    We can use any information in a person’s profile, such as job title, industry, location, LinkedIn groups they are a part of, etc., to help us build a relevant audience to advertise to. We can also upload an email list of potential buyers to target on their advertising platform.

  4. Helps You Establish Authority

    We use the ads platform on LinkedIn to create greater reach for our content. This is especially helpful for promoting the blogs. We boost the posts so more of your target audience sees the content and to also grow your influence as an authority on the subject.

Our Client's Wins

  • Forever Custom Iron Doors Gets 10x More Leads

    Forever Custom Iron Doors was purchased by a new owner with zero digital marketing experience. They plugged into our team & strategy and form submissions and phone calls increased 10-fold.

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  • ProEx Gets a 45% Growth in Organic Keyword Rankings

    ProEx’s organic rankings have increased 45% year over year, March of 2023 vs. March 2024. They were ranking for 157 keywords in March of 2023 vs. 229 keywords in March of 2024.

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  • Temp-Pro’s Website See’s A 178% Increase In Organic Traffic Year Over Year

    Over the last month Temp-Pro’s year over year organic traffic has more than doubled, going from 995 clicks last year to 2770 clicks over the same period this year.

    temp pro
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